Nonprofit Organizational Documents

California Community Colleges Chief Instructional Officers, Inc, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 04-3627887.  The CCCCIO is dedicated to  transparency, accountability, and stewardship of the funds with which it is entrusted, including membership fees, conference fees, sponsorships, and other funds as they arise.  CCCCIO finances are reviewed annually by an independent Certified Public Accountant who prepare the annual tax return on behalf of the organization.  Finances are reviewed monthly by the CCCCIO Executive Board as part of the Treasurer’s Report, including Statements of Activity, Statements of Financial Position, and Budget-to-Actual reports.  This is done to ensure the prudent use of CCCCIO resources to further its mission in support of CIOs, California’s Community Colleges, and the millions of students they serve.

CCCCIO Financial Documents

IRS Form 990

The three most recent Form 990s for the organization can be accessed at<> by creating a free account.

Governing Documents

CCCCIO Conflict of Interest Policy – Fillable
CCCCIO Constitution
Articles of Incorporation
IRS Determination Letter
California Determination Letter
IRS Form 1023