Instructional Block Grant Responses  (John Hunt, Imperial Valley College, 10/02)
Name of College Sharing w/Student Services? If So, How? Other Comments
  Yes No    
RSCCD X   Qualified requests Allocate funds based on requests, including qualified requests from Student Services, submitted by the deans with final allocations approved by the CIO and CSSO.
San Diego City College X   Master Planning Committee meeting Use a "Master Planning" process that takes into consideration all available equipment funds, and allocates them based on criteria developed through master planning committee process.  The chair of the committee has a meeting with the two vice-presidents and they agree on a distribution of funds that will satisfy the minimum needs for instuction and student services.
Siskiyous Comm. College X   Competes w/instructionals Requests are reviewed by the Instruction Council, of which the vice-president of student services is a member.  They compete with each other for funds.
OCC X   Lump sum Give each of nine divisions $30,000 apiece and one lump sum of $30,000 to Student Services for its DSP&S classes, EOPS, etc.  Instructional wing, as a whole, prioritizes needs and allocates funds accordingly.
LA City College X   Competes in the process/meet guidelines Inter-departmental workgroups prioritize budget requests.  The priorities are reviewed by the Educational Planning Committee, & recommendations are forwarded to the CIO, the Dept. Chairs Council, and the Senate.
Mesa College   X   All funds are allocated to instructional programs.
Napa Valley X   Not a large portion The Division Chair for Counseling sits in on the Instruction Council when the money is divided and advocates for counseling.  Not much has gone to them in the past.
West Hills College   X   None
Butte Comm. College X   Prioritization process  
CC X   Office of Student Learning All funds are allocated to office of student learning…integration of instruction and student services.
Coastline Comm. College X   Competes in the process Instructors work with their respective supervisor/dean to prioritize needs.  Student Services does the same on a much smaller scale.  The two lists are submitted to our Block Grant Task Force.  SS requests are merged with Instruction requests.
Yosemite Comm. College X   Split 86/14 Negotiate a split.
Los Medanos College X   Competes in the process Shared governance process; must meet the Instructional Equipment funding guidelines.
Merced Comm. College X     The VP of Student Services and the CIO sit down and work out a reasonable plan.
Merritt College X   Receives far less The VP of Student Services, CIO, and the Counseling Department Chair decide.  Student Services receives far less money.
Mt. San Antonio College X   SS rec's 1.5 to 2%  
Long Beach Comm. College X   No fixed sum Student Services is allocated funds from the Instructional Equipment Grant.  The decision is based upon our planning process.
AVC X   Previous agreement Student Services is allocated $25,000 based on a previous agreement
CLPCC X   Planning committee The requests go through divisions and Student Services initially based upon an institutional form,  then all requests are to be brought to the College's Institutional Planning Committee where an equipment list is prioritized as a recommendation to the College president.
CCSF X   Allotted 22% Student Services gets about 22% after we have already taken care of some agreed upon items.
GCCC X   Must meet guidelines It's handled as part of overall institutional planning process, but only if it meets guilelines.
Cypress Comm. College X   Application process Application process that goes to our Budget and Planning Committee.
Chaffey College X   Must meet guidelines Prioritization process which has a small committee using a variety of criteria…one of which is from Program & Services review process.  Student Services must meet Chancellor's Office guidelines.
MSJC X   Allotted 10% of total funds  
GCCCD X   Committee A small committee develops a recommendation for all uses of the block grant.  The council then makes a recommendation to the president.
Glendale Comm. College X   Committee All departments submit their wish lists.  A small group of Instructional and ITS administrators make the final recommendations according to criteria that has been previously agreed to.
Santa Monica College X   Must meet guidelines Requests from Student Services do not meet the Chancellor's Office guidelines for the expenditure of these funds.  They have not formally excluded Student Services from the process, but there is a good general understanding that these funds must be spent on equipment that has "hands on" benefit for students.