CCC CIO Survey - Curriculum Development Support

Ed Buckley, Santa Rosa Junior College 6/02
  Q1:  Do you have such a position? ("Curriculum Development Specialist   Q2:  If you answered "YES," how is the position categorized? Q3:  Any other comments?
1 Yes Faculty with reassigned time  
2 Yes Faculty w/ stipend Give it a 4 on a scale of 10--may not continue.
3 Yes Classified management  
4 Yes Classified Admin Ass't who is Curric Ctte secretary has become expert--big success.
5 Yes Classified Works well.
6 Yes Faculty w/ reassigned time, selected by faculty  
7 Yes Classified Not by that name--we have classified technician.
8 Yes Classified  
9 Yes Faculty Works well.
10 No   Glad you asked--we need it.
11 No   Good idea. We're small, can get curriculum approved w/in one month.
12 No   Hope new dean position will help.
13 No   I can only dream!
14 No    
15 No   Several people help. Don't think it's needed.
16 No   We're revising a dean's job description to assist.
17 No   Dean and curric ctte chair help.
18 No   Good idea.
19 No   Part of a manager's job.
20 No    
21 No   We created job description, but budget cuts precluded filling.
22 No    
23 No   Good idea. But we worked hard to clean up process, now works much better.
24 No    
25 No   Would love to have such a position