Carter Doran Leadership Award 2016-17

Irene Malmgren

Vice President, Instruction, Mount San Antonio College

Irene Malmgren, who exemplifies the qualities used to select the recipient of the Carter Doran Award, is currently the Vice President of Instruction at Mt. San Antonio College. Since she began working there about four years ago, she has successfully led the college through the accreditation process; instituted guided pathways; and overseen a model non-credit program. More than all this, she has solidified her college’s role as a state leader in innovation and quality. Those of us who know Irene realize that her presence and guiding hand were essential to Mt. SAC’s development. Continue reading “Carter Doran Leadership Award 2016-17”

Carter Doran Leadership Award 2014-15

Dona Boatright

Vice President of Academic Affairs, Chancellor’s Office

Dona Boatright’s rich career, continued contributions, and dedication to the CCCCIO organization and CIOs across the State make her an excellent recipient of the Carter Doran Leadership Award.

Dona served as a faculty member, a dean, and then a long-standing CIO. Dona was the CCCCIO president at the time when the ASCCC did not work hand-in-hand with CCCCIO, but the two organizations were somewhat antagonistic and hostile. Dona worked with the leadership of both organizations with knowledge, humor, an inclusive style, and genuine desire to work collaboratively for the benefit of our students. She helped initiate the era of goodwill that exists today between our organizations.

Continue reading “Carter Doran Leadership Award 2014-15”

Carter Doran Leadership Award 2013-14

Mary Kay Rudolph

Vice President Instruction, Santa Rosa Jr. College

Mary Kay has had a profound impact on the CCCCIO Organization both as a leader and by welcoming herds of newcomers into the ranks of CIOs. As a new CIO not too many years ago, I recall Mary Kay Rudolph as being one of the first CIOs to approach me at a CCCCIO conference and not only welcome me to my new role but also offer to help me out whenever I needed someone to turn to. Mary Kay is kind, compassionate, and quite spirited, and has made me feel like I was part of a larger organization from the very beginning. She wasn’t one of the longest serving CIOs at that time. But she was one of the more vocal ones; fearless about sharing her perspective, and passionate about preserving the role of the CIO on campus and in statewide governance. Continue reading “Carter Doran Leadership Award 2013-14”

Carter Doran Leadership Award 2011-12

Virginia Burley

Vice President Instruction, Mt. San Antonio College

Today, when resources are dwindling and the emphasis on accountability in higher education is increasing, it is tempting for administrators to equate “devotion to excellence” with a focus on those students who have the greatest chance of success. Dr. Virginia Burley, Chief Instructional Officer of Mount San Antonio College, has not fallen prey to that temptation; for her, devotion to excellence means providing the highest quality education to every student who has the will and determination to succeed. Continue reading “Carter Doran Leadership Award 2011-12”

Carter Doran Leadership Award 2010-11

Donald Berz

Executive Vice President Academic Affairs, Long Beach City College

Those who know Don Berz know that he is a force of nature: a swirl of humor, compassion, loyalty, and fierceness. For more than forty years, Don has dedicated himself to the mission of the community college through leadership development, program development, and resource-building all aimed at improving student success. Continue reading “Carter Doran Leadership Award 2010-11”

Carter Doran Leadership Award 2009-10

Barry Russell

Vice President Academic Affairs, California Community College Chancellors Office

Dr. Barry Russell, when serving as an Instructional Dean, was very active in AIA (Associationof Instructional Administrators) and was dedicated in the organization to educating, organizing, and improving communication among the many instructional deans in the California community college system. Via Barry’s hard work, the organization served for years as the primary way that deans interacted on a statewide level. Continue reading “Carter Doran Leadership Award 2009-10”

Carter Doran Leadership Award 2008-09

Pam Deegan

Interim Vice President Instruction, MiraCosta College

 Pam Deegan is a bright and capable leader. She has exceptional knowledge of all matters academic and an unswerving commitment to doing what is best for community college students. She is role model for faculty and administrators and she is devoted to providing excellent learning experiences for students.
After years of successful teaching and administrative experience at Irvine Valley College, Rancho Santiago College, Miramar College, and Mt. San Jacinto College, she was brave enough to accept the challenge of serving as Vice President, Instructional Services at MiraCosta College. MiraCosta had been through two years of campus-wide turmoil and the Office of Instruction was in disarray. Continue reading “Carter Doran Leadership Award 2008-09”

Carter Doran Leadership Award 20007-08

Randal Lawson

Executive Vice President, Santa Monica College

Randy Lawson has served as a CIO for over a decade and done so with humor, wit and charm. Randy has had the dubious honor of serving as the CIO President for two terms and as a member of the CIO Board for a number of years. While on the Board, Randy chaired task forces, served as the CIO representative to the Senate Educational Policy committee, and forged agreements to issues that could have been divisive. Given Randy’s skills at compromise and ability to promote sound educational policy they reached resolution that could be supported by all. Continue reading “Carter Doran Leadership Award 20007-08”