Carter Doran Leadership Award 2018-2019 & 2019-2020

Kelly Fowler

Vice President, Instruction, Merced College

Kelly Fowler, who exemplifies the qualities used to select the recipient of the Carter Doran Award, is currently the Vice President of Instruction at Merced Community College. Since she began working there in July 2018, she has successfully supported her institution while providing leadership for the California Community College Chief Instructional Officers.

This year’s award winner is extremely deserving of this award for leadership. She is one of the longest standing CIOs in the state and has the longest tenure on the CCCCIO board. She served as the regional representative for over 2 years, then became president elect. At that time several board members retired or became presidents, so there was a lot of turnover on the board. To ensure consistency, we actually changed the constitution to have the president serve for two years (we thought it was a good idea at the time – but found out it was not a great idea) – so she stepped into the CIO presidency for 2 years. She is now serving as the immediate past president on the board.

Kelly’s friends and colleagues also know that she is unfailingly kind and professional, qualities she displayed as President of the CCCCIO group in 2017-2019. She is an endless source of useful information for both new and experienced CIOs – and she never hesitates to help others strengthen their own institutions. On her own campus, it is apparent that faculty admire and respect her, and the managers she supervises value her leadership.

Overall, the word that best describes Kelly is “dreamy!” The CIO group is fortunate to count her in its membership and is honored to give her this award.