Carter Doran Leadership Award 2015-16

Pamela Walker

Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Chancellor’s Office

Anyone who has had the opportunity to observe Pam Walker at work will profess to her unyielding commitment to the work and support of her colleagues. She puts her heart and soul into the work. A community college alumna, Pam has a soft spot for our students and understands their daily challenges.

She works hard everyday (and weekends and holidays), and has a passion for education. This is both her public ad private persona. She counsels many colleagues on their own professional growth, and is one of those rare people who really go out of their way to help.

Pam has demonstrated many roles throughout her personal life: director, dean, vice president, college president, and vice chancellor for the state system. She has the ability to understand the impact decisions have on the colleges. She is resourceful in crafting solutions that are practical. Her creativity particularly stems from work at the colleges in areas such as enrollment management, leadership development, and technology.

Pam’s commitment to addressing instructional challenges is evidenced in so many of the projects she oversees. Pam has guided the transformation of an Inmate and Re-entry Education Program, and fostered a collaborative change in instructional technical assistance for Transfer Mode Curriculum and ADT’s. She has also guided the processes of enhanced Basic Skills coordination and allocation.

In the area of faculty hiring, she has been a consistent voice on faculty diversity and training and has been steadfast in her support of Equal Employment Opportunities.

The single quality that stands out most regarding Pam is her unquestionable and unimpeachable integrity. When so many individuals work together on sensitive projects, disagreements will sometimes arise and decisions will be made that not all agree with. Yet no matter what the situation or who might be dissatisfied with a decision, not once have I heard a single person question her honesty or her intentions.

Dr. Pam Walker is an exemplary leader and a model for other leaders.


Carter Doran Leadership Award Application