Carter Doran Leadership Award 2014-15

Dona Boatright

Vice President of Academic Affairs, Chancellor’s Office

Dona Boatright’s rich career, continued contributions, and dedication to the CCCCIO organization and CIOs across the State make her an excellent recipient of the Carter Doran Leadership Award.

Dona served as a faculty member, a dean, and then a long-standing CIO. Dona was the CCCCIO president at the time when the ASCCC did not work hand-in-hand with CCCCIO, but the two organizations were somewhat antagonistic and hostile. Dona worked with the leadership of both organizations with knowledge, humor, an inclusive style, and genuine desire to work collaboratively for the benefit of our students. She helped initiate the era of goodwill that exists today between our organizations.

Dona has not changed from that time decades ago, although she has had the opportunity to share and influence more individuals in her work. After leaving her college, Dona, with strength of character, wit, and wisdom, became Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at the Chancellor’s Office. Her goal again was to share information and make things better for those serving in colleges. With her humor, integrity, and great intelligence, Dona created a helpful office that CIOs across the state loved. In addition, with her background in Political Science and knowledge of community college laws and regulations, she translated them both and explained the workings of the Board of Governors and Consultation Counsel in a way that greatly assisted the CIOs across the state. She also created SACC, which still functions to this day. She is fearless in fighting for right and humble enough to share her mistakes with all new CIOs.

Although retired, Dona continues to show her generosity with her time and talent through her dedication to the Randy Lawson 411 Academy. Never paid, she had been giving back in the program for years, as she feels it important to share her expertise with those following in her footsteps.


Carter Doran Leadership Award Application