Carter Doran Leadership Award 2013-14

Mary Kay Rudolph

Vice President Instruction, Santa Rosa Jr. College

Mary Kay has had a profound impact on the CCCCIO Organization both as a leader and by welcoming herds of newcomers into the ranks of CIOs. As a new CIO not too many years ago, I recall Mary Kay Rudolph as being one of the first CIOs to approach me at a CCCCIO conference and not only welcome me to my new role but also offer to help me out whenever I needed someone to turn to. Mary Kay is kind, compassionate, and quite spirited, and has made me feel like I was part of a larger organization from the very beginning. She wasn’t one of the longest serving CIOs at that time. But she was one of the more vocal ones; fearless about sharing her perspective, and passionate about preserving the role of the CIO on campus and in statewide governance.

Mary Kay is open and honest about the challenges she has faced in her tenure as an administrator in higher education, and has demonstrated genuine interested the welfare of her colleagues within the CCCCIO Organization. In 2012/13 she demonstrated her dedication to the common good of all CIOs in the state by stepping up and assuming leadership midyear for the organization when Melinda Nish accepted the Presidency at Southwestern College. In her role as our president, she served as the instructional champion on Consultation Council and a number of statewide committees that dealt with hot issues such as offering Baccalaureate Degrees in Community Colleges and, implementation of Student Success Committee recommendations. Mary Kay continues the fight for CIO privacy on the listserve, and demands inclusion of a CIO voice in statewide planning of things that matter!

More than half of the CIOs in the state are new to their positions, resulting in a critical level of change and transition in the leadership capacity of our community colleges. Mary Kay continues to provide leadership in the state by serving as a strong a role model for all new and veteran CIOs. She has freely shared experiences and lessons learned with any and all who seek her guidance. Not only does she have a strong background and knowledge of community college administration, but her charm, wit, and use of colorful language remind us all to find the humor in all things…in order to survive and enjoy our jobs!