Carter Doran Leadership Award 2012-13

Claire Biancalana

CCCCIO Executive Secretary

After much thought and reflection into the meaning behind the Carter Doran Award, I am proud and excited to award the honor to one of the finest and most knowledgeable CIOs I have had the opportunity to work with—Claire Biancalana—former CIO of Cabrillo College and the current Executive Secretary for the CCCIO organization.

After the untimely death of Carter, Claire stepped into Carter’s shoes in so many ways. Not only did she assume Carter’s role as Executive Secretary, but she also filled the void that Carter’s death created. Both Carter and Claire were exceptional CIOs who modeled the way for other CIOs who followed. Additionally, Carter had a magical way of making others feel special. He was funny, compassionate, humorous, devoted to the CIOs of California, and generous with his time.

What a gift it is to have a second Executive Secretary who shares the same qualities that Carter was noted for. Claire Biancalana has made our organization run like a finely tuned machine! While organizing us and taking on a majority of the work associated with the organization and conferences, Claire has been able to maintain those characteristics we love. Claire is compassionate and kind. Claire is very funny, quick witted, and charming. Claire is dedicated to the CIOs and will do everything in her power to assure our success. Claire is dedicated to excellence as exemplified by her outstanding work. And finally, Claire is generous with her time.

Claire spent her community college career at Cabrillo College where she began, at 22 years old, as a tenure track faculty. Her tenure there lasted 36 years, 14 of which were as the CIO with a year long stint as Interim CEO. Her most rewarding position at the college was as CIO where she was closest to instruction working with faculty and deans to provide the best education possible to the students of Santa Cruz County. She inspired those with whom she worked through her achievements, dedication to the college, and fun loving style of working with difficulty issues.


Carter Doran Leadership Award Application