Carter Doran Leadership Award 2011-12

Virginia Burley

Vice President Instruction, Mt. San Antonio College

Today, when resources are dwindling and the emphasis on accountability in higher education is increasing, it is tempting for administrators to equate “devotion to excellence” with a focus on those students who have the greatest chance of success. Dr. Virginia Burley, Chief Instructional Officer of Mount San Antonio College, has not fallen prey to that temptation; for her, devotion to excellence means providing the highest quality education to every student who has the will and determination to succeed.

Ginny is a person who exemplifies integrity; she is fair, honest, and forthright. We can count on her strong ethical principles. She is an educator at heart, and she makes the well-being and interests of students a priority while she supports the mission of the California Community colleges.

She epitomizes dedication to the common good. She is actively committed to providing students with opportunities to succeed…despite the difficult times we face. Without fail, she puts her heart and mind into finding solutions for our travel, student projects, and facilities problems. While we feel that level of support from her, we also know that her actions are based, not on our individual or division- specific interests, but on what is best for all students.

Ginny’s compassion and kindness manifest themselves daily. She listens attentively and without condescension no matter how small a matter might be in relation to her own challenges as a vice president. Her attitude confers dignity to each person needing her help. This extends not only to faculty and staff, but also to students. With clarity and heart, she can articulate the specific challenges our students face as they work to achieve their dreams. She cares deeply about their struggles even while upholding the standards that will ultimately lead to their success. Everyone matters to Ginny; everyone deserves equal regard.