Carter Doran Leadership Award 20007-08

Randal Lawson

Executive Vice President, Santa Monica College

Randy Lawson has served as a CIO for over a decade and done so with humor, wit and charm. Randy has had the dubious honor of serving as the CIO President for two terms and as a member of the CIO Board for a number of years. While on the Board, Randy chaired task forces, served as the CIO representative to the Senate Educational Policy committee, and forged agreements to issues that could have been divisive. Given Randy’s skills at compromise and ability to promote sound educational policy they reached resolution that could be supported by all.

Randy is one of the CIO’s that others look to for sage advice, history, problem solving and general common sense. Randy is a kind, gentle and humble leader who eagerly praises others for their contributions while modestly acknowledging his own participation in the endeavor. Randy leads with intelligence, humility, kindness and excellence.